“Strangers with Candy”: Teenage Girls on Steroids

Strangers with Candy – Extensive media attention has recently been given to the alleged widespread steroid use by teenage girls; the rates have largely been discounted as overstated even by anti-steroid experts such as Harrison Pope, MD. But nonetheless, the fear of female steroid users have contributed to the collective paranoia regarding the dangers of steroids.

Occasionally, television and cinema explore the topic of anabolic steroid use by women, usually for comic effect. Such is the case with the sitcom, Strangers with Candy. The main character is Jerri Blank – a 46 year-old former drug addict who lives with her parents and has re-enrolled as a freshman at Flatpoint High School. Given the absurdity of the premise of this Comedy Central sitcom, we can only expect an equally unrealistic treatment of the topic of female steroid use. [Read more…]