“Deadly Little Secrets”: Anabolic Steroid Serial Killer

Deadly Little Secrets (2000) – There are plenty of bad “B” movies. And there are plenty of movies about serial killers. But I had to review this movie because of the outrageous and incredulous plot. I don’t think there ever existed such a serial killer with the following modus operandi in real life or cinema…

Dr. Gordon Childs, a top sports physician has abandoned his medical practice to focus exclusively on developing designer steroids for professional athletes in track, football, baseball, tennis, etc. The designer steroids were in such high demand than anyone who was anyone knew this steroid doctor. Dr.Childs had access to top athletes and shared the lavish lifestyles with them. [Read more…]

“Life”: Steroids Cause Eyes to Bleed

The NBC crime drama television series “Life” demonized anabolic steroids in the plotline of the episode entitled “Everything… All the Time.” The producers of “Life” blamed anabolic steroids for murder, roid rage, a suicide attempt, steroid overdose, and bleeding from the eyes in this bit of far-fetched anti-steroid propaganda. The “roid rage” scene rivaled the classic “Ben Affleck Roid Rage After School Special” in its imaginative and fictional portrayal of roid rage.

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