“Life”: Steroids Cause Eyes to Bleed

The NBC crime drama television series “Life” demonized anabolic steroids in the plotline of the episode entitled “Everything… All the Time.” The producers of “Life” blamed anabolic steroids for murder, roid rage, a suicide attempt, steroid overdose, and bleeding from the eyes in this bit of far-fetched anti-steroid propaganda. The “roid rage” scene rivaled the classic “Ben Affleck Roid Rage After School Special” in its imaginative and fictional portrayal of roid rage.

Anti-steroid crusaders will find an agreeable ending consistent with their agenda; the roid-raging steroid user (Jeff Soskin playing Marty Hawkins) dies from a “massive steroid overdose” as the result of a “steroid hot shot” with twenty times the potency of the average steroid dose!

This is one of the most uninformed depictions of anabolic steroids and so-called roid rage in television history rivaling Ben Affleck in ‘A Body to Die For: The Aaron Henry Story’ and Peter Billingsley in ‘The Fourth Man’ in its degree of absurdity.

NBC drama television program Life

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  1. doubt we’ll ever get a fair portrayal of steroid use from any western medfia outlet.