“Jersey Shore”: Get Juiced, Get Jersey Shored

“Jersey Shore” has been broadcast to an audience in 30 countries with commercials using a well known reference to anabolic steroids. The hit MTV reality television series has courted its share of controversy with its portrayal of Italian Americans as “guidos and guidettes” but one ad spot appears to capitalize on suspicions that some of the more muscular cast members may have used anabolic steroids to obtain their physiques. The New York Times discusses the use of the steroid reference “get juiced” to promote “”Jersey Shore” in the “Get Juiced, Get Jersey Shored” television commercial broadcast in English-speaking markets overseas.

Other spots purport to show how to “get tanned,” “get fist-pumping,” and “get juiced” by featuring actors of various ethnicities pumping iron and styling their hair. All are allusions to the grooming and partying rituals of the series’ young stars, but “get juiced” stands out because in America it is a well-known steroids reference. Sean Saylor, who is overseeing the marketing campaign for MTV Networks International, said that the slogan wasn’t meant to refer to steroids. Rather, “it’s more about working out,” he said.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro have each denied the use of steroids.

Jersey Shore

Get Juiced, Get Jersey Shored

Muscles + Gel + Tanning Bed = Sex

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