“Deadly Little Secrets”: Anabolic Steroid Serial Killer

Deadly Little Secrets (2000) – There are plenty of bad “B” movies. And there are plenty of movies about serial killers. But I had to review this movie because of the outrageous and incredulous plot. I don’t think there ever existed such a serial killer with the following modus operandi in real life or cinema…

Dr. Gordon Childs, a top sports physician has abandoned his medical practice to focus exclusively on developing designer steroids for professional athletes in track, football, baseball, tennis, etc. The designer steroids were in such high demand than anyone who was anyone knew this steroid doctor. Dr.Childs had access to top athletes and shared the lavish lifestyles with them.

Unfortunately, the terrible side effects of his designer steroids ultimately led to his downfall. A regular user of his own product, Dr. Childs became impotent and was unable to perform sexually on many occasions. During one group sex encounter, he became increasingly frustrated at his impotence. So, after a quick injection of his special “clear blue” designer steroid, he was given a rush of homicidal aggression that compelled him to inject several syringes of steroid into the back of male athlete that was having sex with the doctor’s lover.

Given the powerful properties of the steroids he developed, this bolus was a lethal dose. The athlete died instantly from a steroid overdose.

The terrible addiction to his own designer steroid inexplicably leads Dr. Childs to become a serial steroid killer. He murdered at least four athletes. His modus operandi was a syringe full of deadly designer anabolic steroids. Apparently, the steroids were so good that a little would make an elite athlete the best in their field, but too much was deadly!

Unfortunately, the reality of the matter is that no amount of anabolic-androgenic steroids is capable of killing anyone instantly. There are many side effects associated with steroid use, most of them reversible, but there is scant evidence that steroid use can be acutely fatal.

Deadly Little Secrets - Anabolic Steroid Serial Killer

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