Jersey Shore

“Jersey Shore”: Get Juiced, Get Jersey Shored

“Jersey Shore” has been broadcast to an audience in 30 countries with commercials using a well known reference to anabolic steroids. The hit MTV reality television series┬áhas courted its share of controversy with its portrayal of Italian Americans as “guidos and guidettes” but one ad spot appears to capitalize on suspicions that some of the […]

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Steroids? Not in my game plan (football)

“Steroids? Not in My Game Plan” Because They Cause AIDS

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shows that the federal government still know how to use scare tactics in their antidrug public service announcements. A recent ad campaign entitled “Steroids? Not in my game plan” linked anabolic steroids to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

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The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All

“The Substitute 3”: Steroids Can Kill You Right Now

The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All (1999) – The use of the steroid plot in this movie only serves as a convenient excuse for Treat Williams, the part-time mercenary, part-time teacher, to engage in an all-out violent war with the local organized crime syndicate. Nonetheless, the movies doesn’t fail to demonize steroids with a strong […]

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Deadly Little Secrets - Anabolic Steroid Serial Killer

“Deadly Little Secrets”: Anabolic Steroid Serial Killer

Deadly Little Secrets (2000) – There are plenty of bad “B” movies. And there are plenty of movies about serial killers. But I had to review this movie because of the outrageous and incredulous plot. I don’t think there ever existed such a serial killer with the following modus operandi in real life or cinema… […]

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Whatever It Takes

“Whatever It Takes”: Steroids Cause Penis to Fall Off

Whatever It Takes (1999) – Several years before Congress found it politically expedient to explore steroids in wrestling and bodybuilding, Hollywood decided to treat us to its own perspective on the issue. The result was the 1999 movie called “Whatever It Takes”, starring Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Andrew Dice Clay who played two undercover […]

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Strangers with Candy

“Strangers with Candy”: Teenage Girls on Steroids

Strangers with Candy – Extensive media attention has recently been given to the alleged widespread steroid use by teenage girls; the rates have largely been discounted as overstated even by anti-steroid experts such as Harrison Pope, MD. But nonetheless, the fear of female steroid users have contributed to the collective paranoia regarding the dangers of […]

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